The Asylum in Weston, West Virginia  
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Join us at the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum for this years haunted house "Hospital of Horrors" Thursday - Sunday Sept. 28th - Nov. 3rd Closed 10/03 and 10/07 $25.00 a Head $10.00 off discount coupon available for Thursday and Sunday nights at Go Marts state wide check www.theasylumwv.com for dates/times and VIP tickets.

Website: www.theasylumwv.com
The Asylum
71 Asylum drive
Weston, West Virginia, 26452

Contact Phone : (304) 269-50
Email : jjordan@trans-alleghenylunaticasylum.com

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Please arrive as early as possible Friday and Saturday nights. We also have available in October: Zombie Paint Ball Ride (Fridays and Saturdays) New Flash light tours, 2 hour Paranormal Tours (daytime and nighttime), Over night Ghost Hunts of the Main building, Over night Ghost Hunts of 3 of the outer buildings, Fall Festival 10/06 (free event on the front 9 acre lawn) The Asylum Ball 10/20 (costume contest/party) Be the envy of all your friends, spend the night in a 150 year old Lunatic Asylum this October!


Haunted House Tickets: GA $25.00* VIP $40.00* Flashlight Tours: $10.00* Paranormal Tours:* $40.00* Ghost Hunts:* $100.00* Zombie Paintball ride: $20.00* Asylum Ball $20/$25* *+ tax


September 28th to November 3rd Closed 10/03 and 10/07 Dark till 9:30 pm Thursday and Sunday Dark till 11:30 pm Friday and Saturday

Twisted with creative scares
This haunted house is an annual tradition, that brings us back each year. The location is spooky on its own, but the haunted house is just down right scary. It is great that there is other things offered on the grounds as well. The Zombie Paintball is a great addition, and the flashlight tours are fun too. We came early enough to go on one of the historic tours in the day time before the haunt opened. It was very interesting and well done. This is overall an amazing venue.
Posted 10/10/2017
Summer haunt
Went this year in June when they opened during some bbq event that was on the front lawn. KILLER!!!
Posted 08/04/2017
The actors do an amazing job at scaring the pee out of everyone that passes through the haunted house. 4 floors of an old haunted building......
Posted 10/31/2016
2016 Malice
I go every year. Better and Better every year.
Posted 10/31/2016
yo this place sucks
it wasn't bad but it sucked. Really scary, but not the slightest bit frightening. I hated it so much. It was the best time of my life. Definitely don't go there. Highly recommend this for my friends. Thanks but no thanks if you know what i mean.
Posted 10/23/2016
It was amazy
Posted 10/13/2016
Last year
I went last year 3 times, 1 time on a Wednesday, 1 time on a Saturday and 1 day on a Sunday. Busy on my Saturday visit, ended up waiting in line for a hour, group was 10 people. The actors and props did an excellent job keeping the groups split up but the person leading our group kept stopping causing the people behind us to catch up. Great experience. Even better on the Wednesday and Sunday nights. the other 2 times I waited 10 or 15 minutes, which included buying the ticket.
Posted 09/22/2016
Best haunted house ever
Everything from start to finish was amazing. Cant wait for October.
Posted 09/15/2016
Way to many in a group and to many trying to get straight in a person's face and they don't know when to back away,not everyone likes people that close to your face and remain there they say don't touch the actors in return they should learn to back outta your face and don't remain there. And seemed like there wasn't enough actors with long hallways with nothing happening, need to be some real stories from the past recreated and acted out I hope the 2016 is better.
Posted 09/07/2016
it was to short ... actors looked cool but weren't that scary, they talked more than they tried to creep you out. D├ęcor was nice, but you knew what to expect and when to expect it. They always targeted the people in the front of the group, never interacted with the people in the back of our group. I enjoyed the flashlight tour much more than the haunted house!
Posted 08/15/2016

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